Poetry, Spelling, & Vocabulary


(spelling and poetry tests alternate every other week)

5x each: Students are to write on binder paper, each of the 20 spelling words 5 times each.
Please be sure to write in your neatness handwriting and spell every word correctly.
ABC order: On binder paper rewrite the words in alphabetical order.

Sentences: On binder paper, write an original sentence using each of the 20 spelling words. Example: 1) "In the past, Ms. Lorenzana taught 7th grade." Please write these words in numerical order as they appear on your spelling list. Good complete, complex, and detailed sentences are expected (remember- more is always better!). Additionally, please skip lines and underline the spelling word in each sentence. Complete sentences and neatness are required.

Study for Test!

~Spelling tests are scheduled for every other Friday morning. Tests are administered in an oral format where students write the work they hear. Remember- PRACTICE make PERFECT! Please practice your spelling words 5-10 minutes every day.


(spelling and poetry tests alternate every other week)

*Every other week, students will receive a poetry packet to read and complete carefully. On Fridays, students will be required to write the specific poem they learned that week as well as answer questions regarding the type of poem for that week.