Classroom Rules & Guidelines

                   FOURTH GRADE CLASSROOM RULES &          

                                                              Kindness: Be kind to others and yourself.
Respect: Respect other people and property.
Responsibility: Be responsible for yourself and to others.
     Self-Discipline: Be prepared and ready to do your best at all times. 
                                                        Remember~ just be the best active Catholic you can be!

These are the four rules of our classroom and our school.  They are short and sweet, however, they are all encompassing.  Fourth grade students are expected to follow these expectations for behavior in any school situation.  In other words, since they are from St. Mary School, these expectations apply at all times during all school-sponsored activities.

HOMEWORK: In 4th grade, homework assignments should take the students an average of 45 minutes Monday through Thursday night (NOT including student silent reading- recommended 15-30 minutes per night). In addition, other short-term and long-range projects will be assigned periodically. A homework notebook (planner) will be filled in and brought home by your child each day. Please review this planner nightly with your child. Parents, please sign your child’s planner daily. I will be checking your child’s planner as well to ensure that homework is being properly and correctly recorded. This is to ensure that the students are practicing responsibility and are getting on the right track with writing the homework down each night. If a student fails to get his/her planner signed by a parent, it will be considered a late homework assignment and homework points will be lost.

Please note that not all homework will be recorded or given a grade. As homework is used as a tool for reinforcing concepts students learned that week.

Homework that is not completed on time will be considered late and given a lower score. A student not completing homework will be required to hand in the assignment the following day to receive partial credit. A note will be written in a child’s planner on the day the assignment was due detailing the missing assignment. Should the assignment not be handed in the following day, no credit will be given.

Students receiving 5 missing/late assignments will result in an after school detention. Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook for further details.

TESTS: Throughout the school year, part of student homework will be studying for tests for Social Studies, Science, Reading, Language Arts, Math, and/or Religion. I encourage students to practice good study habits and start studying as soon as tests are announced.

BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS: In 4th grade, rules and consequences are used to teach and guide each student to be responsible with their behavior in and outside of school. Throughout the day students will make certain choices and will learn that some of those choices come with specific consequences. If students are exemplifying model Catholic behavior they will be issued “Disney Dollars”. These “Disney Dollars” can be used in weekly drawings to win prizes such as homework passes, etc.

CONSEQUENCES:  Below are the general procedures for addressing poor behavior in the 4th grade:

1 infraction= Verbal Warning
2 infractions= Owe Recess
3 infractions= Conduct Referral
4 infractions= Conduct Referral, Detention, & Conference request

*Please note: a student starts with a “clean” slate each trimester.

Additional consequences will take place if student behavior does not improve. Please review the discipline plan in the Parent-Student Handbook with your child. I will go over the rules and procedures with the students during the first week of school, however, it is important that they are also hearing this information from you as well. Thank you for assisting me in providing our fourth graders with the most rewarding and enriching learning environment possible.

Friday Folder: At the end of every week, your child will receive his/her Friday Folder. This folder will be comprised of your child’s work, parent signature form, and other important school forms. Please review the included work with your child, keep the included work at home, and return the Friday Folder and signed Friday Folder form with your child to school on Monday (next academic day).

REPORT CARDS: Grades are based on the following:

1. Oral and written participation on all assignments, homework, and projects

2. Test/Quiz scores

3. Teacher observation

4. Neatness and effort

5. Assignment completion and promptness

6. Independent and group work

In fourth grade, the grade expectations and policies are detailed in the Parent-Student Handbook.

ASSIGNMENT POSTING ON THE ST. MARY WEBSITE: In an attempt to foster responsibility and accountability, daily homework will not be posted online. However, tests, quizzes, large projects and assignments will be posted and updated on a daily basis.

FIELD TRIPS: Selected field trips are planned throughout the year to enrich our curriculum. All parents who attend the field trips will need to have a LiveScan (fingerprinting) completed through the Diocese of Oakland. Additionally, your Safe Environment online training must be completed and updated (expires every 3 years).

There are several field trips where parents will be driving the students. In order to be eligible to drive on these trips, parents need a copy of their driver’s license and current declaration of insurance on file with the office.

OVERNIGHT CAMP: 2017-2018 Gold Rush Overnight Field Trip- Rock 'N Water

Location: Colma, CA.

Dates: May 7-8, 2018. We will be leaving school at 8:30 on Wednesday and returning between 4-5pm on Thursday afternoon.

Cost: $100 This includes transportation, all activities, food, and board. Please contact Mrs. Schmidt if you seek financial assistance.

Rock ‘N Waters website: 

Information regarding this exciting field trip will be handed out in your child’s Friday Folder closer to the field trip.

ABSENCES: Should your child be absent from school for any length of time, his/her work may be picked up after dismissal that day. A list of missed work and all materials used throughout the day will be placed in the Homework Table located outside of the office if requested by 10AM. Your child will have as many days to complete the work as days he/she was absent before the work is considered late. For medical appointments, please have your child bring a form from the doctor's office when he returns from the appointment (or the next day if it was an afternoon appointment), or the child will be marked absent or tardy.

LUNCHES: Please bring forgotten or late lunches to the table outside the office, not to the classroom. Children without a lunch will be asked to share with a friend.

CURRENT EVENT/Discover Quest: Each child will be assigned a designated week during the school year when he/she will be responsible for researching and sharing one article from the news within 5 days of due date (taken from a newspaper, magazine, or Internet). The selected article must be stapled to the 1 paragraph student reflection on the information presented in the chosen article  (state in your own words what is being discussed in the article). 6-8 complete sentences are required. Please see the schedule for specific student due dates.

BOOK ORDERS: Please pay by check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs. No cash, please!

BIRTHDAYS: Birthdays are very important days! Naturally, a song will be sung in honor of this special day. Instead of treats how about treating the class to a birthday book or game of the special person’s choice? This way we can eliminate a lot of sugar while enhancing our class community and celebrating a blessed day! The student also gets to leave a legacy. The birthday book or game may be wrapped as a gift for the birthday student to open.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Please feel free to communicate with me through notes, phone calls, or emails. I will get back to you within 48 hours. My email address is: