Welcome to Fourth Grade! ~

A LOOK into the Magical World of 4th Grade!



Watch LAST YEAR'S 4th graders in action making their missions.

4th Grade Missions in the Making
Click Mission to see the video. Enjoy!
We all cannot wait to see what this year's class will create!

          My name is Ms. Lorenzana, the fourth grade teacher!  I will be working very diligently to help ensure the best possible year for all my students. Fourth grade is a big transitional year for students. The students will grow in responsibility and independence.
            Additionally, more will be expected of them personally, spiritually, and
academically.I believe that communication between the home and school is essential. If
you have any questions throughout the school year regarding our curriculum, classroom, or volunteer opportunities, please feel free to contact me. You can leave a phone message at school or contact me by email. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.
             I am looking forward to a very productive and magical year with your

Ms. Lorenzana

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